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  • Regular Dental Checkups for Children
    Does your child have a checkup scheduled with your Chase, MD, family dentist, Dr. Anett John? Twice-yearly checkups offer important benefits for your son or daughter's oral health. The advantages of Read more
  • How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile
    Dental implants can restore your smile following tooth loss. They function similarly to the roots of teeth to hold dental crowns or other replacement teeth in place. To be a Read more
  • Creating a Sparkling Smile With Teeth Whitening
    When you want a white smile in a flash, teeth whitening can help you achieve that goal. In our Chevy Chase, MD office, patients can whiten on-site in under 60 Read more
  • A Brand New You With Veneers
    Veneers can make you feel like a brand new you by giving you the smile of your dreams. Teeth affected by stains, discolorations, chips, cracks, and other cosmetic issues can Read more
  • When Are Dental Crowns Needed?
    When Are Dental Crowns Needed? Dental crowns are one of the most commonly used restorative treatments, yet many people are not sure what exactly crowns are and when they are needed. Read more
  • FAQs About Dental Implants
    Patients who have missing teeth or major tooth and gum problems often have questions about dental implants. Implants are the modern solution for replacing teeth and are now often preferred Read more
  • Welcome To Our Blog!
    Whether you are an existing patient or searching for an experienced, specialized dentist in the Chevy Chase, MD area, we’re excited you are here.  With the dental industry advancing, we recognize Read more

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