Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral Scanner (3Shape Trios)

Intraoral scanners are devices for capturing direct optical impressions in dentistry without taking an impression. Optical impressions reduce patient discomfort; especially in patients with a gag reflex. Digital impressions create a betterpatient experience by eliminating the need to bite into a tray of impression material, sometimes more than once and over the course of three appointments.

Intraoral scanners are time-efficient and simplify clinical procedures and allowing better communication with patients and the lab.

The 3 Shape Trios is the most accurate scanner on the market for capturing impressions for fabricating a whole series of prosthetic restorations like inlays/onlays, copings and frameworks, single crowns and fixed partial dentures on both natural teeth and implants. In addition, it can be used for smile design, and to fabricate posts and cores and removable partial prostheses. 

The scanned image is saved on the computer and can be compared at future appointments to see changes to the teeth and gums.

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