Regular Dental Checkups for Children

Does your child have a checkup scheduled with your Chase, MD, family dentist, Dr. Anett John? Twice-yearly checkups offer important benefits for your son or daughter's oral health.

The advantages of regular checkups

Dental checkups should start when the first teeth poke through your child's gums and continue throughout your child's life. Unfortunately, you're never too young to develop a cavity. Even children who only have a few teeth can suffer from tooth decay.

When kids visit the dental office of Chase, MD, every six months, your family dentist can spot and treat cavities when they're small and haven't caused much damage. If checkups are delayed, decay can spread throughout the tooth. If that happens, pulling the tooth may be the only option.

Baby teeth save space for permanent teeth. If they're lost prematurely, permanent teeth may not have enough room to erupt, which can cause crooked teeth and affect your child's bite. Fortunately, scheduling dental visits every six months can help your child avoid serious tooth issues.

Other benefits of dental checkups for kids include:

  • Better Oral Hygiene: Your family dentist can show your child the best brushing and flossing techniques and make a few suggestions that may make convincing your child to brush a little easier.
  • Fewer Worries: When your child visits the dentist regularly, the visits will become part of his or her routine. Your son or daughter may be less likely to feel anxious or worried about dental visits when he or she knows the dentist and dental staff and feels comfortable in the office.
  • Cleaner Teeth: Checkups include dental cleanings that remove plaque and tartar from your child's teeth. These substances increase your son or daughter's chances of developing cavities or gum disease.
  • Early Identification of Issues: Regular checkups make it easier for the dentist to spot subtle changes in your child's teeth and jaws, such as orthodontic problems, cracks in teeth, or signs that a child grinds his or her teeth. She can recommend treatments and strategies that will protect your child's smile, such as a nightguard to prevent grinding or orthodontic treatment to correct a bite problem.

Is it time to make a checkup appointment for your son or daughter? Call your family dentist in Chase, MD, Dr. John, at (301) 652-3317 to schedule your child's visit.

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